Monday, March 4, 2013

Meeting Wednesday... JEOPARDY!!

Helloo Queer Trivia Champs (and those with the spark to also be awesome)!!

Guess what??? It's Jeopardy with QSA this Wednesday! Win thousands with your friends and buy all those shiny things that have caught your attention recently - or blow it all on all the South by Southwest events you're going to attend! 

Hey, while we may not be able to hand out cold hard cash, we do have a very special prize for the winners! Hilarity included. Come test your trivia in topics ranging from Queer topics in history through modern pop culture!

We loved last meeting's potluck dishes so much that we're going to open the food options to y'all this week! In other words, whatever snacks you bring, we'll eat! No need for entree meals so anything is welcome!

Facebook Event: Click Here!

See y'all there!!

--QSA Exec Board

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